Oakmont officials tap a Plum company to handle this year's street paving - Plum

Oakmont officials tap a Plum company to handle this year’s street paving

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 | 10:25 PM

Oakmont officials plan to spend more than $300,000 to pave six streets this year.

Council unanimously awarded its 2020 paving project to Plum-based Tresco Paving.

The company was the lowest of five bidders at about $305,300.

Borough Manager Scot Fodi said Tresco was awarded last year’s paving contract and does good work.

“We are confident they will complete the program on a timely schedule once all administrative matters related to the program are completed,” Fodi said.

Streets on this year’s paving list are:

• Allegheny Avenue, from the entrance to the Oakmont Water Authority to Brenntag’s northeast entrance.

• Ash Way, from Delaware Avenue to Second Street.

• California Avenue, from Allegheny Avenue to Third Street.

• Washington Avenue, from Fourth Street to Allegheny River Boulevard.

• Oakmont Avenue, from 1006 Oakmont Ave. to 1032 Oakmont Ave.

• Gumway Alley, from California Avenue to the end.

Project start and completion dates have not been set.

Borough officials originally had Virginia Avenue on its paving list, but scrapped it for Gumway and the Oakmont Avenue section.

Tresco’s bid came in about $59,000 less than the borough’s $365,000 paving budget.

Fodi said council will discuss what to do with the savings next month.

“We have a few items that need to be repaired that were not part of the 2020 budget discussion simply because they were brought to our knowledge too late in the budget process or came to light earlier this year,” Fodi said.

One form of street repair residents should not expect to see this year is brickwork along Allegheny River Boulevard.

Councilwoman Carrie DelRosso said there was brickwork last year, but there were no such discussions as part of this year’s budget.

“We didn’t have a bad winter, so there wasn’t a lot of shift with the bricks,” DelRosso said. “Last year, there was a lot in front of the library that needed to be addressed. I think going forward as we workshop (next year’s budget) we’ll have to identify areas on Allegheny River Boulevard that need to be addressed.”

In other news

Council passed a resolution to support an independent legislative and congressional redistricting commission in Pennsylvania.

Members of Fair Districts PA, a nonpartisan coalition of citizens and volunteers campaigning against the practice of gerrymandering, came before council earlier this month to garner support of their cause.

Gerrymandering is drawing district boundaries to benefit a party or candidate.

A state Supreme Court decision found that the 2011 congressional district map for Pennsylvania violated the state constitution. The court redrew the districts and issued a new map, according to the Fair Districts website.

However, redistricting will happen again after the 2020 Census, and the new map could also be gerrymandered.

Oakmont is one of several communities to pass such a resolution.

Council also appointed Chelsea Cooper to the Shade Tree Commission for a five-year term ending Dec. 31, 2024.