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Riverview High graduation will include a parade, then commencement at a drive-in theater

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 | 10:43 PM

Riverview School District families will have to travel a bit farther for this year’s graduation ceremony.

The district usually has commencements in Riverside Park along Third Street adjacent to the high school in Oakmont.

Things have changed due to the covid-19 pandemic as Riverview joins other districts in moving the ceremony to a drive-in theater.

Officials set commencement for 9 p.m. June 9 at Riverside Drive-in, 1114 Leeks Lake Lane in Parks Township, Armstrong County. Families are expected to start arriving around 8:30 p.m.

“We are extremely pleased and excited to be able to have a very special graduation ceremony for our seniors,” Superintendent Peggy DiNinno said.

Staff members will direct families to their parking spots. All passengers are to come with masks and gloves in case they need to use a restroom.

Congregating outside of the cars is prohibited.

The ceremony will follow the traditional graduation schedule, .

A camera crew will be moving from car to car to cast student images on the big screen when their names are called.

But first, a parade

A parade will take place prior to commencement. It will start at the high school around 7:20 p.m., travel through Oakmont into Verona and back.

It will be led by a police escort. All spectators will need to follow social distancing guidelines and wear masks.

“Those parading inside the cars will not be able to stop for any reason,” DiNinno said. “It will give our communities some time to celebrate and cheer on our senior class.” After the parade, the families will travel in their cars to the Riverside Drive-In where a social distance ceremony will be held using the drive-in screen.

“All of the traditional elements of our ceremony will be shared on the screen as families listen from their cars. Even our originally scheduled guest speaker, Bart Berkey, will share his speech on the screen.”

School Director Maureen McClure said the new graduation location was recommended by the administration, and it received full board support.

“We really like the idea of the drive-in,” McClure said. “I think that’s quite clever.”

A traditional graduation ceremony’s tentatively scheduled for July 17 at Riverside Park in the event that social distancing rules are lifted by then.

DiNinno said seniors can have their photographs taken at the park via appointment if restrictions are still in place in July.

More information about the district’s graduation plans is posted at rsd.k12.pa.us.